Short description of the CNN Simulator 

This page gives a short overall view of the CNN Simulator. After reading this document, the user should be able to do basic manipulations. For more detailed information, we refer to the "How to..."-section on the head page.
The basic idea is to create a visualizing CNN Simulator which allows to track the way in which the state trajectories evolve, thus gaining an insight into the behavior of  CNN dynamics. This may be useful for forming an idea how a CNN 'works', especially for those people who are not experienced in CNN theory.


Basically, this Simulator extends the existing CNN simulator written by Martin Hänggi which is accessible through World Wide Web on
The new simulator is operated very similarly to the existing one. That is why people who are familiar with the existing simulator will be able to use the new one after very short time. All the existing features are retained: Many new features have been added: After starting the CNN simulator, the following applet is displayed. The graphical layout may differ slightly, depending on the operating system and the particular browser used.

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