...perturb template set values 

When a CNN is implemented as VLSI chip, template parameters can only be realized with a precision of typically 5% to 10% of the nominal values. Usually only a discrete set of possible values is available. This limited accuracy can be simulated by perturbing the template set . This is done by randomly adding or subtracting a certain fractional amount (in %) to each coefficient of the template set.
aijp= (1+ r)* aij ;  bijp= (1+ r)* bij, Ip= (1+ r)* I
where r denotes the relative perturbation (with random sign).
The input and initial state values of the regular cells may also be perturbed to simulate influence of noise.
To perturb template set, input values or initial state values, follow the steps below:
  • Change to the perturbation & robustness section using the simulator menu:

  • Select either the template set (A, B, I), the input picture (U) or the state picture (X) to be perturbed.
  • Enter the the relative perturbation value (in %) and  press the "Perturb" button.
  • If the template set has been perturbed, the perturbed template set is now displayed in the template viewer on the right lower corner of the graphical user interface. The action can be undone using the "Reset" button.
  • Attention: Perturbation of input values and initial state values cannot be undone! The perturbations can only be removed by re-setting the input data.
  • Related topic: Read How to...calculate the robustness of a selected template set.

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