...calculate the robustness of a selected template set 

A tool to calculate relative and absolute robustness of the actually used template set is included in this simulator. It is restricted to bipolar tasks, where input, initial state, and steady state output are bipolar.

Definition of robustness:
The robustness of a template set is a measure which quantifies the degree by which a template set can be altered while still producing the desired output.

For more background information about this subject see [6] in the bibliography section.
Note that the robustness analysis implemented here is restricted to bipolar CNNs with piece-wise linear output function.

If you want to verify the results of the calculation, just enter the calculated relative robustness into the perturbation value field and perturb the template set (described in  How to...perturb template set values). The perturbed template set will still operate correctly, as you will see.

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