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CDT: Program

This is a rough outline of the program that is updated after every lecture. The details and the exact timing can vary.

Date Topic Lecturer Place, Comments
21.02.2017 Course information, point-to-point digital communication systems, functions, signals, time-reversal, the inner product, orthogonality, energy, the Fourier transform, bandwith (Ch. 1, 2, 3, 5, 6) Amos Lapidoth ETZ E8
28.02.2017 Passband signals, bandwith around the carrier frequency, analytic and baseband representation, inner products in baseband and passband (Ch. 7) Amos Lapidoth ETZ E8
07.03.2017 The geometry of the space of energy limited signals and the Sampling theorem (Ch. 4, 8) Amos Lapidoth ETZ E8
14.03.2017 Sampling real passband signals, mapping bits onto waveforms, a glimpse at stochastic processes (Ch. 9, 10, 12) Amos Lapidoth ETZ E8
21.03.2017 Self-similarity function, Nyquist pulse, Nyquist criterion, discrete-time stochastic: stationarity and wide-sense stationarity (Ch. 11, 13) Amos Lapidoth ETZ E8
28.03.2017 Energy and power in PAM signals (Ch. 14) Amos Lapidoth ETZ E8
04.04.2017 Operational power spectral density (OPSD) of a stochastic process, OPSD of a PAM signal (Ch. 15) Amos Lapidoth ETZ E8
11.04.2017 QAM, and complex random variables Amos Lapidoth ETZ E8
18.04.2017 holidays
25.04.2017 Energy and power in QAM, univariate Gaussians and the Q-function (Ch. 18, 19) Amos Lapidoth ETZ E8
02.05.2017 Binary hypothesis testing (Ch. 20) Amos Lapidoth ETZ E8
09.05.2017 Sufficient statistics, multi-hypothesis testing, the nearest-neighbour rule, the union-of-events bound (Ch. 21, 22) Amos Lapidoth ETZ E8
16.05.2017 Sufficient statistics, multivariate Gaussian distribution (Ch. 22, 23) Amos Lapidoth ETZ E8
23.05.2017 Continuous-time stochastic processes, FDDs, Gaussian stochastic processes, linear functionals of stochastic processes, white Gaussian noise (Ch. 25) Amos Lapidoth ETZ E8
30.05.2017 Detection in white Gaussian noise (Ch. 26) Amos Lapidoth ETZ E8


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